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Hollywood Monster are the largest signage contractor and wide format printer in Birmingham, with contracts all throughout the UK.

We are a bold and creative signage and graphics company that delivers Monster Impact for businesses worldwide to make them stand out.

How do we make bold, creative signage and graphics? Well our team always go above and beyond expectations.

We never settle for ordinary or okay, we strive for awesome.

Our passion, imagination and teamwork allows you to get the results you need.

We are all about big impact, bold advertising and building partnerships.

We inspire people; we’re not just here to just make signage and graphics, we’re here to deliver Monster Impact!

Meet the team

One thing we believe is key to success is celebrating our team and surroundings.

We’ve been described as passionate, imaginative, dedicated and a little crazy. We’ll always go above and beyond for our people and customers. What other company do you know that would drop everything drive all the way to Madrid for a client on a Wednesday afternoon?

As Hollywood Monster are a family based company, we believe in supporting each other and reaching a goal together. We never say ‘I can’, it’s about ‘we can’. We’re a tight knit bunch here and we tackle problems together. Loyalty is everything here and we look out for each other. We always deliver high quality work so you have to be at the top of your game. Excellence is not a skill. Excellence is our attitude. Find out more about us here.

Join the team

Interested in joining the Hollywood Monster ‘dream team’? Are you creative, fun and open to new challenges presented in front of you? We are always on the search for dynamic and enthusiastic people to join our growing team in Birmingham.

Our philosophy is to always add value to anything we do. We care for one another like a family, all pushing in the same direction. We are never alone; we pull together in everything we do. We understand success is a journey and have faith in our ability. If you think you’re up for the challenge and want to be a part of something special, get in touch now. Find out more here.

Our Story

What we're all about

Hollywood Monster was officially born in 2009 with the merger of two sister companies Hollywood Signs and Monster Digital. We have a history and legacy within the signage, graphics and printing world that stretches back over 25 years, combining a total of 30 years’ experience. It’s a story based on two families and businesses coming together and changing the way signage and graphics are used.

We use our knowledge and confidence to push the boundaries of signage and graphics for businesses in the construction, retail, development and events industries.

No matter what kind of project we work on, we treat everyone the same and pride ourselves on giving everyone the full Hollywood Monster experience.

We’re a bold company that delivers awesome and engaging projects. We are the difference between okay and awesome! Our confidence isn’t based on ego. It’s been enhanced over time after delivering big results time and time again for our clients.

Why are we so confident in our own abilities? It’s because we work hard together and have developed a team of skilled experts who have been with us since Hollywood Monster was born.

Our community

Our community

It’s not all about producing awesome signage and graphics at Hollywood Monster; we also like to make a difference in the local community. We’re proud of our roots and want to support local causes as much as possible.

We don’t just go above and beyond for our clients; we do it for the community as well. At Hollywood Monster, we believe in adding value in everything we do and we’ve supported many charities since the company began. Everybody gets involved whether you’re a client, partner, long serving team member, fresh recruit or director. It’s a team effort and we pride ourselves on making a difference locally and internationally.

As well as supporting charities, we also take precautions to ensure everything we do helps the environment. We care about the environment and regularly update our processes to make our warehouse and office energy efficient.

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Monster Impact


It’s not just our strapline, sign off or stamp; it’s our promise to every single client, partner and colleague.

We don’t think small or deliver small. We are all about maximum exposure and making a difference. We put every project on the biggest stage possible. We are bold and confident and always go above and beyond to deliver #Monsterimpact

Our Impact

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