Launched at the beginning of 2015, LoveBrum is a registered charity that supports hidden gem projects across Birmingham that are often volunteer led and that deliver real change, with outcomes that can be seen, measured, enjoyed, and loved. Support the ‘hard-to-reach’ projects, the charity aims to help 12 projects per year, LoveBrum provides support to causes that may not receive the platform or funding that they deserve.

Every penny raised from individual memberships and fundraising stays in Birmingham and goes straight to the chosen causes. The charity encourages everyone to get involved, uniting businesses and individuals across Birmingham.

Founded and Chaired by our very own Tim Andrews, Hollywood Monster are one of the service patrons of the charity. Giving back to the community is important to us so we support the charity in every way that we can be it promotion, fundraising and supporting events.

To find out more about LoveBrum and to find out how you can get involved please see here.