4 ways signage can increase your footfall


With the growing popularity of online shopping, the demand for retail centres to maintain and increase footfall across stores is at a high. Whilst you’re sure to find signs in every retail centre, it always helpful to understand the “why” behind each sign and ask what more can be done to capture the attention of shoppers. For this reason, we offer ways that signage can help increase your footfall.

1. Digital signage

With developments in the digital world, consumers are more tech savvy than ever.  This has totally transformed the shopper’s experience within retail. Thanks to digital signage, there are now opportunities to engage on a new level with consumers. Digital signs are a form of electronic display that utilise technologies such as LCD, LED, plasma displays or projected images. One of the benefits of digital signage is that it can be updated both frequently and easily; saving the printing and/or construction costs that one would incur with a static sign. Going digital also enables the integration of touch screens, movement detection and other interactive interfaces.  Digital signs can be found across retail stores, hotels, and restaurants amongst other locations.


2. Directional signs

Despite being a more traditional method of marketing, steering consumers in the direction of the product is a fool-proof way to guide interest and cultivate spending behaviour. Retail centres should consider whether they are making the most of the services by advertising where they are with signage.


3. Showcasing seasonal events

Throughout the year, retail centre activities change to reflect the seasons. Take for example, the Christmas period, during which time Santa’s Grotto and ice-skating rinks are popular with shoppers. As these changes are being made, overcome any potential confusion (such as changes in extended opening times) by informing shoppers with  clear and bold signage.



4. Advertise sales

Using bold signage to advertise deals in store i.e. “SALE ON NOW”, “75% off”, “Buy One Get One Free” etc. is an integral tool in capturing the attention of shoppers. Sales signage should be placed at the entrance of the store and further promoted within the store. Often times the news of a sale can be the major influence behind a shopper’s visit. Retail centres should assume that if visitors don’t see something, they would be totally unaware of it.


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