Birmingham City Ladies Secure Arsenal Victory


Karen J Carney

Pictured: Karen Carney celebrates 1-0 win

Monday 24th March marked a momentous night for the Blues Ladies as they beat Arsenal Ladies 1-0, bringing them one step closer to the UEFA Champions League.

The game-changer match took place during their quarterfinal clash at St. Andrews with a host of 2,671 fans out to support.

Victory was sealed as a 26th minute goal was scored from debutant Remi Allen, who was on her best form.

The pressure was on as visitors put up a good fight, but our Blues Ladies only grew stronger and stronger as the game developed. Highlights included a wide free-kick shot through the air by Jo Potter before Melissa Lawley fired over from 12 yards. All of this came after Emma Byrne spilled a cross from Chelsea Weston.

By the time the second half was on, Arsenal was fighting stronger. With a switch from Kelly Smith to Alex Scott, she nodded inside to Shinobu Ohno, but almost out of nowhere, Aoife Mannion burst on the scene with a mighty tackle.

Despite the continued pressure from the visitors, the Blues Ladies maintained their composure.

And with just 3 minutes until the whistle would be blown, with a missed opportunity from Smith, Arsenal’s defeat was certified.

1-0 to BCFC. A definite cause for celebration for the Blues Ladies.

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Jess Taylor with Tim Andrews

Pictured: Tim Andrews with Player of the Match, Jess Taylor. 

Birmingham City Ladies update


BCLFC have gone on to win the away leg 2-0 leading to a 3-0 win on aggregate. They are now in the semi finals against Swedish side.

Best of luck ladies!

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