Bridging the Skills Gap


Tim Andrews, managing director of award winning, large scale signage company Hollywood Monster, explains what he considers the perfect formula for finding, hiring and maintaining new style ‘sales’ people.

1. What do you want?

Before you begin the recruitment process, it is so important that you have a clear vision of the type of ‘sale’s’ person you are searching for. Before drafting any job advert, get the basics right. Work closely with the team internally to identify what type of person would be the right cultural fit – not only for the sales team but the organisation as a whole. Ideal skills, habits, strengths and motivations should be compiled in a detailed job description.

Traditionally, sales has followed a fairly standard path. Employers have looked for salespeople who fit the usual mould, and often only consider those with a track record with desired clients or in the industry already. Although these attributes are still important, at Hollywood Monster we now look for a broader range of skills. These include the ability to have a higher level conversation about solutions for specific client requirements. To drive revenue in our business our sales people need to be consultants, building partnerships over a long period of time. They need to be able to get under the skin of their client’s business, adding long-term value by understanding their pain points, and how we can take their pain away.

While we have used recruitment agencies in the past – and they have their place – we have now taken the decision to take our recruitment in-house. I believe that getting the people right in sales and across the whole business is so key to our future that we have invested in a dedicated recruitment function. This gives us far more control and flexibility as well as helping us find candidates with that all important cultural fit for our business.

2. Sell yourself

Securing top ‘sales’ talent is a competitive game – especially where new breed sales people are just coming onto the scene – not necessarily the people who have been around years and are known on the circuit as it were. This is why it is so important to flip the traditional recruitment process on its head and sell your organisation to potential employees.

Excite them by discussing potential rewards, training programmes and career progression in initial interviews; set a precedent as to what to expect if they chose to work for you; sell them on your company.

Hollywood Monster offers potential employees a blend of a medium-sized workforce whilst maintaining a strong one-to-one relationship with each and every employee, as well as offering the chance to get involved in exciting new opportunities within the business.

A very successful business leader once told me that writing a job advert was one of the most testing tasks for any marketer. I agree – you’ve got limited space and you need to make your business stand out from the vast range of opportunities on offer for top talent. We invest a lot of time crafting our recruitment message so that candidates know what kind of people we are, what our culture is like and what impact they can have on the business…Read More.

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