Hillingdon GP Cycle Race – Blog by Lucy Shaw


After being ill for part of previous week I was keen to ride a more defensive race as I wasn’t too sure how I would be feeling after a light week of riding. I decided to try and position myself well early on in the race so that I was sheltered but in a comfortable position where I wouldn’t be put in any danger of crashes at the back or missing any crucial moves or splits.

There were several primes throughout the race, and although I hadn’t really intended to go for any of these, when the whistle blew for the second time I was fairly far back in the bunch, and since I hadn’t raced on the circuit for over two years, I thought I would see how hard/easy it was to move up on a sprint lap, just in case coming into the actual race finish I was in a poor position. I found myself in a good position coming out of the final bend, so went for the prime and managed to win it, my trusty Trek Emonda felt great, really responsive in the sprint. I then settled back down for the remaining 40 laps feeling much more confident about the finish.

The circuit is flat and fairly twisty, meaning that any attempts from riders at getting away are largely unsuccessful, and it was fairly clear that it would come down to a bunch sprint. I found myself quite tightly packed coming into the finishing straight, but once a gap opened up I was able to jump and try and compete in the already opened up sprint. It was a fast, long finish and I was pleased to claim 4th, one step off the podium.

For me it was back to A Level revision before heading back south to Croydon on Tuesday for the second round of the Matrix Fitness Tour Series where I finished 16th alongside teammate Helen Wyman.

As always I’d like to thanks Hollywood Monster for the their investment in women’s sport, and particularly my Matrix Fitness team for making this opportunity a reality.

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