Hollywood Monster Oscars


Due to staff consensus, we recently changed our staff recognition scheme. The Hollywood Monster Oscars have been introduced, allowing staff to nominate each other for the way they undertake their duties and contribute to the company culture.

With 22 awards and two rounds of nominations, Friday 8th April marked the first of the Hollywood Monster Oscars. Held at Fleet Street Kitchen, Birmingham and hosted by Phil Upton, Radio Personality, BBC Coventry & Warwickshire, it was a fantastic night of winners, hilarious speeches, random dance moves and red carpet fashion!

Award Winners:

Fun Award Alice Lutwyche
Creative Award Emma Hyland
Caring Award Lynne Baker
Value Adding Award Laura Homer
Outside the Box Thinker John Tracey
Outstanding Innovator Mat Jephcott
Pop Culture Pro Andy McKenzie
Best Dressed Award Betty Price
Marvelous Multitasker Award Kristian Dyson
Behind the Scenes Wonder Rob Edwards
Duct Tape Award Mark Whitehouse
Foodie Award Ryan Gibbons
Crazy Person Award Vernice Merchant
Office Lunch Expert Kerri Tipping
Best Haircut Award James Josephs
Wikipedia Award Tony Chivers
Not Loosing Your Shit Jozsef Csapo
Best Bum Award Helen Simmonds
Cheeky Chappy Award Tony Wright
The Smile Award Dawn Townsend
The Iron Man Award Dan Powell
Lifetime Achievement Award John Andrews


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