Hollywood Monster welcome state-of-the-art- machine MTEX 5032


Launched at FESPA London earlier this year to much acclaim, the MTEX 5032 has been a hot topic since landing on the scene. Designed for printing applications such as lightboxes, exhibition displays, light walls, flags, interiors and much more – with the best investment:quality ratio in the market today. The MTEX 5032 has an integrated heat fixation unit, meaning waste is reduced to a minimum and the whole solution has just one footprint, saving space, time and money.

Now, we are pleased to announce the arrival of the MTEX 5032 in our very own headquarters, situated in Tyseley, Birmingham.

To accommodate the new digital textile printing facility, we’ve gone all out and built a brand new dedicated digital textile print room, complete with eye grabbing  graphics from floor to ceiling.  The light and airy dust-free room separates the printed textiles from other traditionally “dirty” signmaking methods such as welding, cutting and routing.

But it doesn’t stop there.

In addition to the new print room, we’ve designed a state-of-the-art sewing and finishing room, complete with three new purpose-built sewing machines for flag finishing, hemming and sewing on silicone keder edge.

At 3.2m wide, the MTEX 5032 is a direct to textile printer with in-built fixation. This groundbreaking facility is manufactured and developed in Portugal by specialist textile printer manufacturer, POD Iberia and sold in the UK by specialist digital textile distributor, Digital Print Innovations Ltd (DPI). DPI also specified and installed the new sewing machines.

The arrival of this new machine is already creating quite a stir, playing an instrumental role in the production of the Tartuffe set design.

As one of the first companies in the UK to install the new MTEX 5032, Hollywood Monster are excited to offer services a cut above the rest.

Simon McKenzie, sales director at Hollywood Monster said that maintaining a controlled environment for the new printer was at the heart of the newly constructed print room. With every new technology or print method that they take on, they look at all the resources required to make it a success from day one. “There’s no point taking on a new printer without all the correct finishing and display solutions to go with it,” McKenzie comments, “So, after much research and working with DPI, we were able to settle on a complete solution from start to finish; print with MTEX, finishing with DPI sewing solutions and display using a variety of framework solutions including Primex.”

The growth in employment opportunities has been particularly exciting, with Hollywood Monster taking on three new sales people within the new department. With orders already rolling off the MTEX 5032 in the first week, the future is certainly bright; “We’re looking at a range of markets to approach including hotels, theatres and galleries. The trend for retailers is also moving towards voiles and drapes for signage and window dressing and moving away from more rigid displays,” continues McKenzie.

“Multi-national retailers want managers and in-store personnel to be able to change their seasonal graphics and not have to send a fleet of installers every time they have a sale or a new collection. With the range of fabrics display solutions available now, we can create visually stunning graphics that can be posted out in a jiffy bag and installed by shop staff the next day. Simple, elegant solutions that save time and money.”

Steward Bell, managing director of MTEX distributor DPI says of the machine; “It’s clean, easy, fast and affordable – that’s why we know that MTEX have cracked it with their range of textile printers and that’s why companies like Hollywood Monster are investing in this technology now.”






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