Hybrid vehicle fleet provides Monster benefits


Hollywood Monster has made a commitment to lowering its carbon footprint by taking delivery of two plug-in hybrid company cars.

We will make significant savings and reduce our carbon footprint by running a new fleet of Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV SUVs.

Daren Hollins, supply chain manager at Hollywood Monster, said: “With staff going on the road to speak to clients, check installations and undertake day-to-day business meetings, we were conscious that we were racking up thousands of miles every year, which has a considerable financial impact on the business, as well as environmental implications.

“These new vehicles will play a significant role as we try harder to be more eco-friendly in the running of the business. We chose these cars because they look smart, are economical to run, and have a large boot capacity, which is what we need.”

The vehicle is also exempt from the London congestion charge.

“We undertake a lot of work in London so this was another factor that ticked a few boxes for us,” explained Daren.

As part of government incentive, we will be able to have charge points installed at employees’ homes and we are also aiming to install charging points at our Tyseley headquarters.

Unlike other SUVs, the Outlander PHEV, which has a cargo capacity of 463 litres, can be driven as an electric vehicle on shorter journeys, while it engages its 2.0-litre petrol engine on longer drives, achieving 148mpg.

Because of its low CO2 emissions of 44g/km, any business buying an Outlander PHEV can write down the entire cost of the car against its profits chargeable for corporation tax in year one, compared with a traditional company vehicle, which has a maximum 18% per annum of the cost is allowable to write down against the profits chargeable for corporation tax.

“It not only makes financial sense, it also makes sense from an environmental point of view,” said Daren.

We also bought three petrol/hybrid Lexus IS300h vehicles last year as part of our commitment to being more environmentally friendly.

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