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LED uses up to 85% less energy than its equivalent fluorescent version, which will require replacing, possibly twice, within the lifespan of LED.  This has a great benefit to our customers who can expect a ROI of 100% in 18 months, based on 12 hours illumination per day and carries a 5 year warranty against failure.

The LED system light output remains consistent in temperature changes and until the end of its life. Whereas, fluorescent tube lighting is affected by ambient temperature, they are not as bright in cold weather and become dimmer towards the end of their life.

Fluorescent tube disposal, requires authorised disposal, specialist containers and can be expensive, with current costs approx £50.00 per 20 tubes.

At Hollywood Monster the LED system is 12v and IP rated to be used in damp conditions, the lower voltage means lower risk to engineers and is more suitable for outdoor conditions.  Lights can be dimmed, connected to a light monitoring system that will raise the lower light output based on ambient conditions and can reduce the electrical consumption considerably.

If you are thinking of bringing light to your brand, consider the LED system with Hollywood Monster.

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