In 2015, we were chosen as one of the Primary Contractors for Graphics, as part of a large project which involves over 1,000 UK restaurants undergoing refurbishment, in line with McDonald’s three-year expansion plan.

With a dedicated team using the best installation process for long-lasting interior wallpaper, we have so far completed 70 restaurants, each taking between 3 and 8 days depending on the size.

Whilst the graphics remain consistent, layout of each restaurant can vary with some also being over two floors. Dividing screens which separate the seating areas also need to be considered as the designs for these differ requiring the graphics to be cut accordingly. Ensuring a fast turnover for each store is crucial, with so many to complete as part of the project, and thousands of people visiting every day, we need to ensure not just speed but serious accuracy.

Here are some images of our work so far:

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