Monster Challenge: Beau v Belle Brummie penalty shoot-out


Spectators were in for a treat during the halftime of the Blues Ladies Opening league fixture against Everton, as mascots Beau and Belle took to the pitch for the latest boys vs. girls contest. The big friendly Hollywood Monster was on hand to keep everything in order and get the crowd started. After enjoying the cheers from the crowd, the whistle was blown and the shoot out was off to a good start. With an overall joint score of 3-3, the pressure was on for either team to take the lead during the shoot out. Both sides played a good, consistent game until a missed spot kick by Belle for the ladies. With this penalty, it was down to Beau to secure victory for the lads. And indeed victory was secured. After a final kick from Beau, the lads were launched into first place with a final score of Belle 4-5 Beau.

This brings the overall score to Boys 4-3 Girls.

To stay up to speed with the contest:

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