Staff Training Facility at Birmingham Signage Company, Hollywood Monster


The company’s ongoing commitment to the professional development and training of its workforce was further underlined this week with the opening of a new, state-of-the art £10,000 training and learning facility at their Birmingham headquarters.

The facility which features a range of learning and development materials including flexible seating, a ceiling mounted interactive LCD projector and wireless networking will be used for to provide staff training across the organisation and also host client meetings and seminars.  Currently the company is undertaking a broad range of training and personal development initiatives for its staff including full NVQ qualification training, health and safety briefings, rollout of the ISO implementation programme and waste management workshops.

The first session held in the new facility was a management training and development workshop attended by departmental heads hosted by a management development specialist. The event, which lasted half a day focussed on methods and the leadership styles to develop improved customer service and time management throughout the company, two of Hollywood Monster’s key objectives this year.

In commenting on the new facility, Tim Andrews said: “Training and development is a key objective within the business as we recognise the benefit of having a happy, skilled and motivated workforce.   The investment we have made in this new facility is evidence of our strong commitment to continually working to develop the skills and professional approach of all of our staff.   This is reflected in the core values engrained in everything we do : Quality, Integrity, Passion and Creativity.  This is what we have made our name doing and what we firmly intend to stick to going forward”

If you would like to find out more about the approach the company is taking and have an interest in joining our expanding team please forward your CV to:

HR Manager : [email protected] or contact us on 0121 764 3222.

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