The Hollywood Monster Team Get a Bit Racey!


The Midland’s ‘Wheel Spin Karting’ didn’t know what had hit them when 50 of Hollywood Monster’s Directors and Employees descended upon them for their Christmas do.

After a detailed debrief by officials and a quick allocation of overalls, helmets and gloves, the race was on! Thirty-five racers hit the race track and after a number of rounds which included plenty of squealing tyres, collisions, arguments over the rules and one dented necklace, only 12 racers were put through to the semi-finals.

Two races later and six finalists took their vehicles for the showdown.  Sam Thomas, Mike Nock, Lee Powell, Joe Powell and Keeling Hutton all put up a good fight but it was Paul Oliver who reigned supreme as he pulled away from Mike (in second place) to take a well deserved win.  Paul said ‘Winning isn’t everything, but it beats anything that comes in second!’

All the staff would like to thank ‘Wheel Spin Karting’ for their hospitality during the evening.  It is a great new track and everyone had a fantastic time.

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