The Paralympics – A touch of inspiration


The Paralympics are now behind us, but the event will always hold a lovely memory of a summer full of excitement and competitiveness. We at Hollywood Monster have taken a lot of inspiration from the games, as we’re sure most of you have too. The athletes have long returned to their respective countries, all as winners as they all achieved so much more than medals can show.

Most of us look at life thinking how difficult life’s challenges are to shoulder. However, when watching athletes that have far more to deal with than most of us, and have yet still managed to push the boundaries of what is impossible, is very humbling.

For Hollywood Monster, the events have spurred two key words – ‘attitude’ and ‘mind-set’. With the right attitude and mind-set we can achieve anything. This could not be more evident than through our association with Birmingham’s Blind Dave Heeley.

Blind Dave represented the West Midlands by carrying the Olympic torch through Cobridge in Stoke-on-Trent. However, he is best known for his gruelling bike rides and marathons.

Blind Dave’s drive and energy is never ending. He is the only blind athlete to have completed seven marathons over seven days, in seven continents. Not forgetting his 10 marathons in 10 days achievement and cycling hundreds of miles, all in the name of raising awareness and support for his fight against cancer.

Hollywood Monster’s managing director, Tim Andrews joined Dave on the Birmingham to Worcester leg of his epic Top2Toe challenge in August 2011 and the company sponsored the signage to promote the event.

Blind Dave has also helped us to raise awareness and support for the Harry Moseley charity by joining us on our Selfless Saturday, where we made bracelets to be sold at Free Radio’s Walk for Harry.

Hollywood Monster has known Blind Dave for a while now and we are so proud to know such a full of life character that knows no limits. He is always looking for a new challenge and is often seen on the roads merrily cycling away with a huge smile on his face. You can’t miss him – just look out for his personalised number plate, courtesy of Hollywood Monster.


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